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About Dominion Equippers
Welcome to Dominion Equippers!
Dominion Equippers partners with Christian families in their child's education while following the "University Model" of education.
We hold classes on Mondays and Thursdays. Our classes are held at Glenview Church in north Fort Worth.
Our Vision and Purpose
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Dominion Equippers is a community of Christian homeschool families endeavoring to practically incorporate Christian beliefs, principles, and expression into academic pursuits and life skills.  The academic emphasis of Dominion Equippers’ classes is to see every subject summed up in Christ and to be fruit from the Tree of Life and simply not another form of knowledge of good and evil.  Families network by using their gifts to serve one another.  The community aspect facilitates the transformation towards Christlikeness.  The ultimate goal is to provide Christian homeschool students with avenues to be equipped for every good work.


Dominion Equippers does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, or ethnic origin in the administration of its policies or programs.

*Parental authority and responsibility are vital to partnering with families to equip our children.

*Homework is assigned for non-class days at home.

*To continue in DE classes, a grade of 70% is required for preceding to the next semester

*General rule: 80% attendance is required.

*With only two 12-week semesters, the pace is fairly intense, and being present in class is necessary.

*Some of the grade ranges at the upper level are dependent more on completing the prerequisite class, or having equivalent knowledge, than dependent on age.

*The age ranges are adhered to for elementary grades as published (even if the child is an advanced learner).


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